This page contains topics for bachelor and master's thesis that student from MFF at Charles University may choose from. Even though this page is in English, you may write your thesis in English, Czech or Slovak language.

How to sign up

If you are considering signing up for a theme below, your next step should be to email to with the subject Bakal2018 or Dipl2018 stating:

  • your name
  • your prefered topics
  • the name of your teacher of the practicum of Programovani II
  • your motivation (i.e. why do you prefer these topics)
  • your previous programming experience (there is no need to have previous programming experience)
  • describe the largest project you've been working on that was finished (i.e., you can show us if it is in presentable state)
  • send us the source code of this project and its DOCUMENTATION (or a web link) - if possible

Additionally, you are welcome to have any questions!

The purpose of this email is to help us to select a topic that will suit you most and not to exclude those who have limited programming experience.

Email to Jakub Gemrot, even if you want a topic supervivised by a different supervisor (from the list below).

After you send us the email, you should visit us in the “office” hours.

Office hours

Useful infos

As you will browse through the themes, you may find out that some topics require you to work with the Pogamut platform. It would be probably the best to read the HomePage and Architecture (a bit outdated, good for overview) pages to get your first impressions about the platform.

By default, it is expected that all so-called “personal projects” will later become bachelor theses. You should expect continuous work on your thesis and will be required to deliver regular updates and a working beta until September 2017.


  • Note that even if some topic is already ONGOING or DONE it usually can be bend towards new goals or connect on an existing work.

Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Supervisor - Jakub Gemrot

  • General GameDev Themes
    • General guidelines for GameDev works are summarized here (CZE only), it gives rough impressions on how complex GameDev thesis can and should be (both Bc. and MSc.)
    • Feel free to come up with a custom thesis based on that document above!
  • VR
    • Oculus VR Immersion Bachelor / Master (GameDev, I1, I2) (can be scaled up/down)
    • You can come up with anything for Oculus / HTC Vive
  • StarCraft: BroodWar
    • You can do almost anything in SCBW (strategy, tactics, movement, macro/micro, opponent modelling, etc.)
    • Use following Paper 1 and Paper 2 as a crossroad what people around the world are doing with SCBW

Supervisor - Michal Bida

Supervisor - Cyril Brom

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