Name: DOTA2 Bots
You will learn: Lua, Game bot development, Rule-based AI, Game tree search
Difficulty: moderate
Excitement: DOTA2 game, praised by millions of players, gotta beat them all...
Description: DOTA 2 API was released last year allowing you to create custom AI for DOTA 2 game! There are many tactics and strategies involved. Will you be able to come up with AI of human-level intelligence? Well let's try to find out.

The work has 6 parts:
  1. study DOTA 2 API,
  2. investigate game phases (early, mid, late),
  3. investigate how players cooperate within the game
  4. identify a hero that would be manageable to implement in the given time scope,
  5. implement the bot
  6. evaluate it during online plays

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