Name: Pogamut UsarSim extension
You will learn: Pogamut, Java
Difficulty: moderate
Excitement: Robotic simulation in a game engine
Description: Robots are interesting artifacts. There are many competitions that require robots to perform certain tasks. The problem is that you always have to build a robot from the scratch. Project USARSim bypasses this problem by providing a simulation engine for the robots based on the Unreal Tournament 2004 game. We have ported USARSim into Pogamut and created project PogamutUSARSim. Help us to extend this project by providing additional modules processing data from the robots to create more abstract concepts (e.g. map representation from laser sensors, etc.). Develop complex USARSim robots solving tasks in the environment. Compare several approaches of developing AI for the robots. If you are interested in robotic AI, but don't want to get your hands dirty with real robots, this is the topic for you.
Further Reading: 1. Balaguer, B., Balakirsky, S., Carpin, S., Lewis, M., and Scrapper, C.: USARSim: a validated simulator for research in robotics and automation. In: IROS08. Workshop on robot simulators: available software, scientific applications and future trends, Nice, France, 2008.
2. Kadlec, R., Gemrot, J., Burkert, O., Bída, M., Havlíček, Brom, C.: POGAMUT 2: A platform for fast development of virtual agents behaviour. In: Proceedings of CGAMES 07, La Rochelle, France. (2007) url:
3. Gemrot, J., Brom, C., Kadlec, R., Bída, M., Burkert, O., Zemčák, M., Píbil, R.: Pogamut 3 - Virtual Characters Made Simple. Advances in Cognitive Systems. Book chapter. (to appear)
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