Name: Procedural generation of RPG quests
You will learn: CSP/Planning, probably Java, virtual storytelling
Difficulty: medium
Excitement: Create a system that can design stories, sort of an automatic game designer!
Description: The aim of this thesis is to create a system that can generate plots for RPG-styled world using a very high abstraction.

Generally, you will be analyzing stories from several RPG games like Elder Scrolls, Witcher, Mass Efect in order to identify characters (roles), places, storyline and the player's role and try to come up with a high-level representation that will allow you to create either an "extendable" PDDL or (more likely) extendable CSP domain for story planning.

The output of the system should be in text describing characters / places / relationships + storyline the player should experience throughout the game.

For ideas on procedural content generation, check this online book out.

Related work: TALE-SPIN

Papers: 1, 2

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