Name: Tournament server for UT2004 bots
You will learn: Web page development, Java security, Parallel processing framework
Difficulty: moderate
Excitement: What's more rewarding than seeing how many people are using your work?
Description: Check out the page of Google AI Contest. Checked? Well it's about a competition in coding AI for ants in relatively simple environment. Now what about to have a competition in coding AI for UT2004 Deathmatch game mode, or team-death-match, CTF? Sounds fun? Having many bots automatically competing with each other publishing results and replays at the website? So anybody around the world can join the mayhem? You bet!

The work has 4 parts:
  1. a webpage where one can register and submit their bot for UT2004 Deathmatch game mode,
  2. server-side script/program that perform the matches,
  3. secure server-side java byte code execution so noone can abuse the system.
  4. utilization of JPPF for fast resolution of UT2004 matches

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