Name: General Videogame Playing
You will learn: Java, VGDL, General AI techniques (MTCS, Minimax)
Difficulty: moderate
Excitement: Work on standardization of videogame description!
Description: The AI competition has evolved to the point we're trying to create general videogame playing AIs, see GVG-AI. This thesis is about to hop in this train and ride.

Possible topics:
  • Create general AI together with evaluation framework (Bachelor)
  • Define new videogames using VGDL language (analyze existing games, suggest new challenging games) (Bachelor)
  • Create a simulator of VGDL in Unity of UnrealEngine4 together with forward model (provide softeng analysis of the problem, Master I2)
  • Create a framework for creating videogames featuring forward model (provide softeng analysis of the problem, Master I2)
  • Apply several techniques for creating general game playing agent and analyze their gameplay strong and weak points (Master I1)
Your work can have worldwide impact as VGDL/GVG-AI is being used for international competitions! So you can participate in the competition or improve the experience!

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