Name: Create Teaching Virtual Assistant for Czechitas
You will learn: natural language understanding, expert systems, IBM bluemix technologies
Difficulty: moderate
Excitement: Learn how to develop virtual assistants and chatbots.
Description: Online courses are a great source of information and help people to educate themselves in the fields that would be otherwise unreachable. However, currently, there is only limited interactivity when it comes to online learning. After watching a lecture, students sometimes like to ask questions. However, in the online course setting this might be hard to manage given the high number of students. This project aims on creating a teaching assistant that would answer frequently asked questions connected with a particular online study course. The goal is to create a methodology of specification of the knowledge base that would be then used to generate a working chatbot able to answer the questions connected to the study course.
Further Reading: Watson Conversation Service
How to sign up: Information here .

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