Name: Oculus VR Immersion
You will learn: One of: Irrlicht/Unity/UE4, 3D modelling, game development, OculusVR/Google Cardboard, experiments with human subjets
Difficulty: moderate
Excitement: Meassure how VR immersion changes under different factors
Description: Oculus VR / Google Cardboard provide great amount of immersion into the gaming world. But what are the blocks that contributes to the immersion? Frames-per-seconds, world design, absence of HUD? How to design a game to be immersive? Try to find out in your thesis!

You can read about such an experiment here to get an idea what it takes. You will have to create own small game with variants and let real people to play it in controlled experiments. There are multitude things to try out, but we will keep it low in order to have the workload manageable.

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