Name: Rogue-like Game Maker Toolkit
You will learn/acquire: language of choice (preferably C#, Java or Python), soft-arch skills
Difficulty: medium
Excitement: Create a generic framework that allows anybody to quickly develop own rogue-like game.
Description: Rogue-like games are not dead! They are being played despite their, uh-oh, ugliness (if you do not fancy ASCII art). From gamedev perspective, they offer you a genre that does not require you to create flashy graphics, but you can focus on complex world simulation and storytelling.

However, it might be tedious to start creating a rogue-like game from scratch. Even more if you just want to experiment with procedural generation or virtual storytelling like we do in AMIS. Therefore we would like to have an extendable toolkit for creating rogue-like games with some example RPG-game.

Framework should support/include:

  • simple map definitions (via human-readable/editable map text files)
  • high-level map representation within the code (hierarchically marking rooms, buildings, corridors, etc.)
  • player/NPC navigation code with respect to the high-level map representation
  • extendable NPC/monster/items definitions
  • extendable action system
The work will have two parts: 1) framework, 2) RPG-like example that proves the framework is working. The larger part of the thesis will also be a framework documentation.

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