Name: DeathMatch Bot AI with Alpha Beta prunning and opponent modelling
You will learn: UT2004, AI, Pogamut, Alpha Beta prunning, Statistics
Difficulty: moderate-hard
Excitement: Creating AI in games is not only fun, but also a challenging task. Help us to create a new approach to FPS bot artificial intelligence. Help us to create1v1 combat bot that is capable of predicting opponents move and plan accordingly.
Description: The aim of the thesis is to create a bot playing a deathmatch in Unreal Tournament game (first person shooter). The bot will be able to predict opponent move and plan accordingly. He will use MIN MAX with Alpha Beta pruning to accomplish this. To achieve this, the environment states will be reduced and the bot will plan only which item he tries to pickup next. The bot will be programmed with Pogamut platform that already handles connection to UT2004 environment and provides Java API to control the bot. .

This is a unique opportunity to get into true real-life research in the field of FPS AI.

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