Name: Generating RPG Encounters
You will learn: planning / MTCS / forward-models, optionally Unity/UE4, game development
Difficulty: moderate / challenging
Excitement: Develop procedurally generated RPG encounters
Description: Imagine you are game designer working on next Baldur's Gate or next Never Winter Nights and you're thinking what enemies you should throw on the player ... like in here. There is a plethora of party compositions, hard to decide what is easy / tough but fun encounter. How about to provide a tool that would auto-generate the encounter according to the play style of the player?

That is, you are designing (let's say) AD&D game and there can be a party of 3-5 characters each having one of 6-8 classes. And the designer would like to setup quick "tough but fun encounter" for the party on the level 12. How should that look like?

This thesis can be done using various tools & visualizations. Either we can go text-only encounters and focusing on numbers perhaps with simple text-grid positioning, or we can focus more features of 3D environment and work with creature behaviors.

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