Name: Formations in team-based game modes of Unreal Tournament 2004
You will learn: Reactive action-selection mechanisms for virtual beings & related work from the field of gaming industry, group movement of 3D virtual agents, real game-development like experiences with gaming AI, PogamutUT2004 APIs
Difficulty: easy-moderate
Excitement: This work won't be forgotten, this work won't be put aside ad acta if done well. This work will become basis for future PogamutCup tournaments that we will held. You will create movement behavior for groups of bots thus allowing anybody to quickly code "group attack" team behaviors, something we miss greatly. You will thus solve sub-problem of team-oriented games, how to perform coordinated movement of group of bots.
Description: Your task will be to investigate various options how the formation of bots can move through the environment (e.g. arrow-head formation. The aim is to create robust parametrized group-navigator that will handle the movement regardless on the path width. The group has to be able to move inteligently through wide areas as well as narrow corridors. If all goes well, this work may be extended even into master thesis once you try to incorporate smart movement utilizing cover points (which is much more difficult task that won't be part of bachelor thesis).

The navigator should also be distributed - bots won't be controlled with "master director in single JVM instance", they will move for themselves accepting commands from the group leader that should be the one dictating the formation shape / distances and the leader should also have possibility to alter/dismis this formation at any given time.

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