Name: IVA Query Language
You will learn: SQL, Prolog, C++/C#/Java/Macros
Difficulty: easy-moderate
Excitement: Develop own query language especially fit for virtual agents
Description: One of the bottleneck in IVA behavior specification is the need to query the simulation state, own beliefs and their manipulation. As databases is having their SQL language it is hypothesized that IVA's would benefit from custom query language as well. Some systems are using for instance Prolog language while many others rely on standard expressions and scripted queries (custom functions).

In this thesis you will explore this hypothesis that should result in a query language that will be more economical to use.

Thesis steps:
  1. gather several somewhat complex behaviors (UT2004 Capture-the-flag, UDK dating scenario, UDK master chef) + example behaviors from other agent languages like Jason, GOAL or PRS
  2. identify queries and express their development cost
  3. explore some possibilities how to simplify them: macros (proper scripting) vs. Prolog vs. custom query language

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