Name: ChatBot student advisor for Czechitas
You will learn: natural language understanding, scripting, intelligent search
Difficulty: moderate
Excitement: Learn how to design expert systems and provide contextual help.
Description: There are many courses for students addressing basics of programming and web development. Newcomers to the field without technological background often struggle with the basics (getting oriented in the IDE, being able to "read" exceptions or being able to use google effectively for finding the solution to their problem). A chat bot advisor that would be able to tackle the basic questions and/or lead the student through the process of learning how to work with IDE or how to read exceptions would be invaluable. This chat bot could be integrated with a web tutorials to provide a better natural language interface to e.g. w3 schools tutorials. This thesis will be around designing such a chat bot and integrating it with some ongoing course in Czechitas non-profit organization.
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How to sign up: Information here .

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