Name: Adventure story generator
You will learn: Planning / CSP, some GUI library
Difficulty: moderate
Excitement: Create a tool for strongly non-linear adventure authoring
Description: Authoring an adventure is demanding task even though well explored already. There are tools that can help you to author it like Twine or Squiffy. However, it is very time-consuming and error prone to create highly non-linear story due to the branching factor of such a work; maintaining overview what's possible and what is not is hard.

The idea of this thesis is to explore a possibility to change story authoring from manual to semi-automatic using a formalism for describing a story domain having some "story planner" that would allow you to generate it. That is, you would describe the story in terms of characters / relations / items / player / actions and let the planner to construct a path from X to Y... Finally, you would like such a tool to be integrated with some existing story editor (e.g. already mentioned Twine).

Thesis steps:
  1. read literature about story authoring for adventures
  2. analyze it and formulate a workflow an author is typically using to create an adventure story
  3. come up with an idea how to integrate semi-automatic story generator
  4. implement it
  5. validate it

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