Name: UT2004 Bot Live-Coding
You will learn: Java, Lua, bit UnrealScript, NetBeans platform, bit of PogamutUT2004, JDI
Difficulty: hard
Excitement: Be able to alter UT2004 bots behavior during run-time!
Description: Creating AI for computer games is daunting task regardless the engine you're using or how small your AI is. Simply, starting, checking, stopping, typing, recompiling, starting-again development cycle takes to much time in life of AI developer. The answer is Live-Coding. You need an interpreted language that you can recompile at run-time giving AI developers the power to fix bugs as they encounter them during their debugging session.

We would like to empower our Pogamut+UT2004 platform with this kind of too. Lua is language of choice for many game engines and indie developers (e.g. CryEngine, Trinigy) so we would like to integrate it with our "behavior tree" editor yaPOSH providing means for live-coding as pictured above.

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