Name: Improving Machinations
You will learn: Machinations, Game Design, Board games, Some GUI framework
Difficulty: moderate
Excitement: Create next-gen formalism for board games
Description: Have you thought about designing a board game? How to do that? Have you known there is a language for that? Check Machinations, formalization of game economy. Perhaps we could use that, perhaps it has limitations... turn-base, board inclusion, better gui? To name a few.

The thesis is about discussing board game mechanics and build on existing formalism Machinations. Thesis will go like this:
  1. Read papers about Machinations
  2. Come up with games that are hard to describe
  3. Suggest mark-up language improvements
  4. Suggest GUI improvements
  5. Implement it
  6. Describe some games from step 2
Fair square?

Check also Gamasutra's article about Machinations. Possibly get a book.


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