Name: Hearthstone Card Game Analysis
You will learn: Hearthstone, Playout analysis, Minimax / MTCS
Difficulty: moderate
Excitement: Hearthstone, parised game of today... but is Hearthstone as a card game well designed? We will see!
Description: Hearthstone is a well known digital collectible card game featuring many online resources about "how to forge the best deck"! Resources not limited to Gamepedia, Reddit, Icy Veins, Hearthhead and others. But if you play the game you might start to feel that something is a bit odd ... how many cards are really useful? Well let's try to find out.

The work has 5(6) parts:
  1. create a Hearthstone simulator,
  2. analyze playout complexity and choose limited set of cards so you can actually compute something for real,
  3. implement a few AIs to play with cards,
  4. compare their qualitities with respect to decks you give them<
  5. implement a complete playout algorithm that computes objective power of a certain set of cards
  6. ... and pssst ... create a generic framework for that so we can then create a perfect card game and get rich ourselves!

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