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Published by michal.bida on Wed 14 of Nov., 2012
We have finished first shot of tutorial that should cover basics of UT2004 combat and explain HunterBot - one of the oldest example bots we have in Pogamut. Check the HunterBot tutorial(external link).

The Pogamut Team

Published by michal.bida on Tue 13 of Nov., 2012
Hi all,

we are a little bit behind with our regular quarterlies, but we promise there will be at least one more quarterly summarizing the year 2012. So what is happening now?

  • We are slowly switching from UnrealEngine2 to UnrealEngine3. GameBotsUDK are ported to the latest UDK (July version - 2012-07). All the major issues were solved (there is now emoticon and animation playing support in GameBotsUDK and all the assets from UE2 are ported to UDK as well).
  • We have GameBotsUT3 implementation that seems to be stable and working. However it is largely untested.
  • We are now considering the best way of integration of UT3 and UDK into Pogamut - whether to fork PogamutUT2004 and create PogamutUDK project (we already have a stub of that) OR to develop UDK modules for PogamutUT2004 and leave it there. Currently, GameBots2004, GameBotsUE2, GameBotsUDK and GameBotsUT3 are mostly compatible with only small differences (so it is possible to run UT2004 example bots in UDK or in UT3). This may however change in the future. We hope we will manage to create an installer for UT3 and UDK till the end of 2012.
  • We are hosting our own competition called Pogamut Cup for Czech Republic + Slovak Republic teams (http://www.pogamutcup.com(external link))
  • We are constantly updating our tutorials(external link) + we continue to use Pogamut in our lectures(external link).

The Pogamut Team
Published by jakub.gemrot on Fri 22 of June, 2012

I'm delighted to announce that we have successfully hacked out map level geometry (that is the full list of triangles forming the UT2004 map) for few levels (CTF-1on1-Joust and DM-Flux2).
We thank Bertram Thomass who has provided us with UShock sources (see http://sourceforge.net/projects/ushock/(external link)). We have implemented experimental project UT2004LevelGeometry that can be found in our svn at svn://artemis.ms.mff.cuni.cz/pogamut/trunk/project/Utils/UT2004LevelGeom(external link) that can load data produced by our UShock-Hacked version (which is XML containing level polygons) transforming them into Recast(external link) obj file.

For more info contact: jakub.gemrot at gmail.com

Check out this YouTube Video(external link)!
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Example Recast output on UT2004 DM-Flux2 map:


Published by michal.bida on Fri 08 of June, 2012
We have created a new tutorial(external link) about how to open and add Pogamut examples in NetBeans for Pogamut 3 Cookbook(external link) tutorials (available at Documentation).

This tutorial takes you through opening an installed Pogamut example or adding a new Pogamut example from our Maven artifactory(external link) to NetBeans. For the list of all available example archetypes consult the list of all Pogamut Maven archetypes(external link). We recommend to use latest archetype versions that are listed AT THE END of the file!

The Pogamut Team

Published by jakub.gemrot on Mon 13 of Feb., 2012

I'm happy to announce that tutorial on setting up Pogamut 3 on Linux made by cicolink.

The tutorial can be found here: http://cicolink.blogspot.com/2011/11/unreal-tournament-2004-create-bot-with.html(external link)

And I would like to thank cicolink for setting it up and keep it updated, great work!

-- Pogamut team
Published by michal.bida on Tue 29 of Nov., 2011
Pogamut tutorials(external link) available at Documentation have been updated. Information about maven artifacts that contain Pogamut examples are now included in the tutorials:
  • Empty bot - basics of Pogamut
  • Responsive bot - event listening
  • Navigation bot - navigating through the level
  • Raycasting bot - navigating without navigation graph

Don't forget there is a new Pogamut 3 Maven Quickstart tutorial(external link) that covers first steps when setting up the Pogamut platform.

The Pogamut Team
Published by jakub.gemrot on Mon 31 of Oct., 2011
Hi all!

I'm very glad to announce that Tomas Witzany finished work on the UT2004 Maven Test Plugin that can be used to auto run DeathMatches and tests quality of your bots creating HTML reports with graphs! This way you can test your code changes you do to your bot assessing whether changes makes any improvements or making the bot worse. This tool is must-have-and-use. See its documentation (Maven Site)(external link) and sample report(external link).

Published by michal.bida on Tue 18 of Oct., 2011
Jakub Gemrot created a nice 9 steps tutorial covering the setting up of Pogamut 3 with Maven. You can download the tutorial here(external link).

EDIT: Tutorial was updated on 28.10.2011 (Step 7 is not optional anymore, the paths in step 7 were corrected)

Note that the latest Pogamut 3 stable release is 3.2.4.

The Pogamut team

Published by jakub.gemrot on Mon 14 of Mar., 2011
Dawn of new era, Maven knight is coming to town!

New version of Pogamut has been just released and we're pleased to announce that we have fully Mavenized our Pogamut!

Release artifacts are safe in sense that they won't never ever change. By depending on the most recent snapshot you're saying you want to stay on the bleeding edge of the development as you will receive auto-updates delivered by Maven as we will gradually improve the latest version of Pogamut.

Apart from Mavenization we're bringing many more new features as well!
  • Many improvements to Agent modules - they are now more stable again ;-)
  • New WeaponPrefs module introduced that allows you to easily manage preferences for weapon you bot should use with respect to the distance to target
  • New ImprovedShooting module using WeaponPrefs to automatically change weapons for you
  • KefikRunner now may be used instead of LoqueRunner for PathExecutor - it is also greatly documented, thus it makes perfect starting point for experiments with navigation
  • AgentStats module implemented that can be enabled to provide logging of interesting statistics about your bot (exported in CSV format that may be easily handled by R software!)
  • UT2004Tournament project implemented that allows you to easily conduct death matches / tournament
    • It automatically provide statistics about all bots from the tournament (except native bots)

Tutorials that will help you to fight Maven / Archetypes will follow.

Published by michal.bida on Mon 14 of Feb., 2011
We have added new feature to Observer and Control connection. Key presses made by players are now exported for these connections (KeyEvent class). Download Pogamut SVN (how-to(external link)) version to try it out!


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