• Pogamut 3 questions that needs answering - Pogamut 3 members are available (almost) 24x7, we are here to help!
  • Pogamut 3 forum - go there if you have any question or suggestions concerning Pogamut 3. If you are new to this forum you will have to register before posting.

Bug reporting / Known issues

Pogamut devel wiki

  • Pogamut 3 developer wiki page - contains many usefull information for developers interested in Pogamut 3 platform or users that want to develop a project on top of Pogamut platform. Page holds list of all projects developed on Pogamut platform as well as proposals of new projects and development guidelines.


Maven sites

  • Maven sites listing for different Pogamut versions and artifacts
  • Maven sites are containing Clirr reports with Pogamut API changes between respective versions

Continuous integration

  • Jenkins with status of current SNAPSHOT projects
  • We're building Pogamut platform artifacts every day

Maven repository

    <name>AMIS Artifactory</name>

Sub Projects

Success stories

  • BotPrize competition - international competition BotPrize recommended Pogamut for development of virtual agents in this competiton. Summary about our participation in 2008 here.
  • Project Emohawk - Project Emohawk is a virtual storytelling application built on Pogamut platform.
  • Genetic Bots - Genetic bots project aimed on evolution of behaviour of bot embodied in the game Unreal Tournament 2004 using genetic algorithms.
  • StorySpeak - StorySpeak is a language for the specification of agents programs. This language is especially designed for the authoring of short virtual stories.
  • Episodic memory for virtual agent - Episodic memory for virtual agent project designed and implemented a prototype of the episodic memory for virtual humans. The memory was inspired by up to date research on function of human memory for personal events (episodes) and human time perception.
  • PojACT-R - PojACT-R is composition of Pogamut, Java and ACT-R. It means that it is plugin which connects Pogamut with cognitive architecture ACT-R, specifically with Java implementation of ACT-R called jACT-R.

  • NOTE - Do you want your Pogamut project to be here? Send an email with subject "Pogamut 3 success story" with link to your project page and a brief description of you project to michal [dot] bida [at] gmail [dot] com .

Videos and screenshots

  • Videos - showing Pogamut videos - some simple bots, etc.
  • Screenshots - showing Pogamut platform and UnrealTournament/UnrealEngine content


  • Pogamut 2 site - site dedicated to older version of Pogamut (Pogamut 2 is discontinued)
  • Pogamut 2 forums - old Pogamut 2 forums (Pogamut 2 is discontinued)

People behind Pogamut


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