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Pogamut Quarterly Report 04/2011

jakub.gemrot Monday 19 of December, 2011
The last Pogamut release is Pogamut 3.2.4.

  • We have created new tutorial covering how to setup Pogamut 3 with Maven. You can download the tutorial here.
  • Maven Plugin for testing bot's behavior mentioned in the previous post was finaly released, checkout the examples referenced from the homepage and start evaluating your bots!
  • We are thinking of creating a bot that could compete in next the BotPrize competition. The first step we have already done was collection of behavior data from human players and then their thorough analysis. The collected data are free for download, check the homepage of the project.
  • We're finally doing some experiment with planning alogirhtms, its running on UDK and for now we have published Planning4J library to Google Code that provides abstraction for running different planners, currently it allows you to execute BlackBox & MetricFF planners for your domain+problem.
  • We have created new example maven archetype - custom control server for UT2004 and UDK, more information here: Control Server Tutorial
  • We're also working on PDDL editor, that will allow you to easily edit PDDL domains & problems featuring syntax-highlighting and syntax checking, but this is currently work-in-progress.
  • We're constantly updating our projects based on UnrealEngine2
    • StoryFactory
      • This project allows you to create machinimas (short video scenes from 3D environments).
    • SteeringGame
      • This project shows how steering works in 3D environment featuring various steerings like "follow the leader", "wall following", "obstacle avoidance", etc.
    • SimDate 3D
      • This is a simple dating game where users goal is to assure Thomas and Barbara make it to the cinema together.
    • All these project are available at Project Emohawk Download page and are free for educational purposes. More information about them at Project Emohawk Page.

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We are working on:
  • We have finished SharedKnowledgeDatabase for UT2004 bots that allows you to easily synchronize information from various "local" bot worldviews to obtain (e.g.) current team knowledge about the state of the environment. We're currently working on tutorials on how to utilize it. For now, you can find it in version 3.2.5-SNAPSHOT under class name SharedKnowledgeDatabase.
  • We are working on Pogamut Maven archetypes/NetBeans plugin support - this will add our example projects once more to NetBeans "New Project" menu (this feature is currently broken, but it can be easily bypassed thanks to Maven)
  • Work on debugger for SPOSH plans continues, we have working prototype that allows you to set up breakpoints into POSH plans interactively.

Do you have a project built on top of the Pogamut platform? If yes and you want it to be mentioned in the next release of "Pogamut quarterly" or have a link from the Pogamut homepage, then let us know!

All the best,
The Pogamut Team


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