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UT2004 geometry mastered - NavMesh comes to Pogamut 3.7.0

michal.bida Thursday 07 of May, 2015
We've managed to put together one of the biggest updates in Pogamut history. We've completely exported UT2004 geometry and created a NavMesh with the beautiful Recast tool (kudos Mikko!). This is all part of Pogamut 3.7.0 (see Download) along with improved navigation taking advantage not only of NavMesh but also of more frequent bot location updates!

Check out the NavMesh video.

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Direct link: https://youtu.be/5g_K6f8y9k0

Jakub, Martin and Michal

Pogamut 3.6.1 released!

michal.bida Saturday 31 of May, 2014
Hi all!
Just want to let you know that Pogamut v3.6.1 has been released. New snapshot version is 3.6.2-SNAPSHOT.

  • yaPOSH competence evaluation fixed
  • yaPOSH editor improved
  • bots that are run from command line now interpret more Java params (team, desired skill, skill, name) that may override values from Initialize command -> easing the way to conduct automated matches / tournaments
  • we now have Addons/UT2004Tournament-DM-Table project, that auto-performs 1v1 DM tournament between N bots (does not produce the final table yet...), already used, works perfectly
  • GameBots2004 has a new message LocationUpdate that can feed you with info about your bot location/rotation/velocity about every 75ms (can be configured)
  • Addons/UT2004TeamComm project can be considered mature enough, basicly a chat server for UT2004 bots (you can even create private channels :-)) that allows you to send Serializable objects to other bots all/team/channel/private.

We're working on:
  • NavMesh and UT2004 map geometry in general ... we're close, I think that next Pogamut version will contain new navigator based on NavMesh that we can generated from the most UT2004 maps automatically
  • FormationNavigator that would allow easier way to move the group of bots in team game modes

Jakub & the Pogamut team

Pogamut Wiki Under Attack

jakub.gemrot Saturday 10 of August, 2013
We're sorry to announce that Pogamut Wiki is under attack and we had to disable registration and login to the page.
We're going to upgrade our CMS system and return to you soon.

We had to delete a lot of logins, possibly deleting some valid ones. We're apologize for any inconveniences,
please come later and re-register.


New 3rd party Pogamut installation video

michal.bida Saturday 01 of June, 2013
Hi all!

Nil Roessler from Lehigh University made a great Pogamut installation video that covers ALL the steps about how to install Pogamut on a clean computer with Windows 7 (including Java, NetBeans and UT2004 installation + running the UT2004 server and running Pogamut bot on the server from Pogamut example projects). We recommend this video for all the Pogamut newcomers and we will add it to our tutorials shortly. Thank You Nil!

The video:

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Direct link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KALrwgtwzao


NavMesh is coming to UT2004!

jakub.gemrot Friday 31 of May, 2013
We're working hrad to bring the power of NavMesh for our UT2004 bots.
We currently have a master's student, Jakub Tomek, who is devoted to this project
and I'm very excited to present you first results of his work.

We're combining UShock and Recast project to obtain NavMesh from arbitrary UT2004 map.

Next steps are:
1) combining NavMesh with NavigationGraph to create offmesh connections
2) create navigator that will work with NavMesh





UT2004TeamComm project

jakub.gemrot Friday 10 of May, 2013

I've just finished implementation/testing of the new Addon we're calling UT2004TeamComm.

It is a server built over the PogamutUT2004 and Apache Mina projects that allows bots to exchange
arbitrary Java objects that are Serializable. It's heart is UT2004TCServer class that uses
new GameBots2004 "Control Messages" feature to let all connected bots know
where the server is listening (auto-discovery) and defines protocol
to send (exchange) messages over global / team / custom team channel / private channels between bots.

Surely you do not have to know how UT2004TCServer works (all you have to do is start it ;-)
as we're providing UT2004TCClient that implements all details for you providing nice
and clean API for exchanging messages between bots.

You can checkout example TeamCommBot here:

The example is working with GameBots2004 version >= 3.5.1

Any and every questions / comments via forum, mailing list or direct mail are welcomed!


PogamutCup 2013

jakub.gemrot Sunday 10 of March, 2013
We have announced second tournament in deathmatch-bot coding, so-called PogamutCup.

So far, our webpage is in Czech only, see PogamutCup webpage.

Following video is showing one match from PogamutCup 2012.

You can observe how GladiatorBot manages to use various weapons in a smart way and is able to dodge many shots of his opponent.
GladiatorBot is also capable of collecting various key items in a smart way (i.e., armors, double-damages, etc.), but that's hard to present in the video.


Tag + Hide&Seek games within UT2004

jakub.gemrot Sunday 17 of February, 2013
I've just finished (& debugged) implementation of Tag! and Hide&Seek children games for UT2004.

Check them out:



You can find source-code for bots here:



You will have to update your GameBots2004 manually (but both game mods will be working since Pogamut v3.5.0 that is going to be released next week).

Note that we already have visibility-matrices precomputed for ALL UT2004 maps, get them from here:


Pogamut v3.4.0 Released!

jakub.gemrot Saturday 22 of December, 2012
We're delight to announce that Pogamut v3.4.0 was released featuring first experimental version of Unreal Tournament 3 support. As usual, install UT3 then out platform that will install GameBotsUT3 into UT3 + shortcuts for quick start of GB-enabled game. Then, materialize the (so far only one) UT3 archetype featuring simple "HunterBot" and fool around!

Archetype info:

GroupId: cz.cuni.amis.pogamut.ut3.examples
ArtifactId: ut3-04-hunter-bot-archetype
Version: 3.4.0
Repository: http://diana.ms.mff.cuni.cz:8081/artifactory/repo
Description: First PogamutUT3 example featuring simple HunterBot.



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