UT2004TeamComm project

jakub.gemrot Friday 10 of May, 2013

I've just finished implementation/testing of the new Addon we're calling UT2004TeamComm.

It is a server built over the PogamutUT2004 and Apache Mina projects that allows bots to exchange
arbitrary Java objects that are Serializable. It's heart is UT2004TCServer class that uses
new GameBots2004 "Control Messages" feature to let all connected bots know
where the server is listening (auto-discovery) and defines protocol
to send (exchange) messages over global / team / custom team channel / private channels between bots.

Surely you do not have to know how UT2004TCServer works (all you have to do is start it ;-)
as we're providing UT2004TCClient that implements all details for you providing nice
and clean API for exchanging messages between bots.

You can checkout example TeamCommBot here:

The example is working with GameBots2004 version >= 3.5.1

Any and every questions / comments via forum, mailing list or direct mail are welcomed!


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