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Published by michal.bida on Fri 28 of Jan., 2011
Two new tutorials have been created and are available online. They are:
  • ControlConnection tutorial(external link) - explaining how to set up connection designed to gather global information about the game and control the game
  • ObserverConnection tutorial(external link) - explaining how to set up connection designed to observe other players/bots on the server (observe their actions and surroundings)

Check the tutorials(external link) section.

Published by michal.bida on Thu 25 of Nov., 2010
Today we released Pogamut 3.1 (Download) - yes, the word beta disappeared. This means that the installer should work ok as well as all Pogamut projects and examples! We strongly suggest you to uninstall previous version of Pogamut and install version 3.1 (don't forget you need NetBeans 6.9.1!).

If you would stumble upon any bugs or weird behaviors, do not hesitate and ask about it at forum(external link)!

The Pogamut team
Published by michal.bida on Thu 11 of Nov., 2010

We have added DefCon tutorial(external link) to our Pogamut CookBook(external link). Read to quickly create AI in DefCon real-time strategy game (works with demo version)!

Also we have been working hard on the installer issues and we have sorted it out. However, note that installer does NOT work with Java 64Bit (just install Java 32Bit version(external link) and it will be fine). Installer also requires NetBeans 6.9.1(external link).

That is all for now!

The Pogamut Team
Published by michal.bida on Tue 12 of Oct., 2010
We have first release candidate for Pogamut 3.1 - Pogamut 3.0.999. Currently, installer and NetBeans plugin is in beta stage, but we are working hard to resolve all the issues. Grab it at Download section. You will find there:
  • A new IPathExecutor – after using the current implementation for a while, we came up with some enhancements - we have based our path finding code on LoqueBot that won BotPrize in 2008! Bots are now running 100% better.
  • PogamutDEFCON – an interface for the DEFCON game build on top of the Gavialib! Check readme file here(external link) with information how to set it up (tutorial coming soon).
  • There is a pre-alpha version of our Finite State Machine Visual Editor, which might one day be an alternative to the SPOSH editor. Check the FSM CTF bot!
  • Porting Gamebots to Unreal Development Kit (UDK) – NetBeans plugin is now capable of connecting to UDK servers. Download UDK with GameBots installer(external link)! (Currently it is only possible to create GameBots server through UDK GUI.)

Known bugs:
  • NetBeans installs some of the .jar files Pogamut needs wrongly. To resolve this issue copy and replace PogamutCore.jar and PogamutUT2004.jar from \NetBeans 6.9.1\nb\modules\ext\ to \NetBeans 6.9.1\nb\libs\ ! Then template and example projects should work again!
  • POSH bots do not work - consut forums with information how to solve this.
  • Template projects are not always in correct folders.

All the best,
The Pogamut Team
Published by michal.bida on Wed 22 of Sep., 2010
We have created a Facebook fan page dedicated to Pogamut. Check it here: Pogamut Facebook fan page(external link).

Published by michal.bida on Tue 07 of Sep., 2010

What is Pogamut quarterly? It is a blog summarizing Pogamut development news for each quarter of a year. Visit link to the quarterly blog(external link) (RSS is supported).

Here are some news about latest Pogamut development:
  • Porting Stracraft Broodwar through Starcraft BW API(external link) to Pogamut is work in progress. We already have some SCVs building missile silos. :-) More info will be in Pogamut quarterly.
  • Pogamut port to UDK (free UnrealEngine3 environment)(external link) is ready. The only thing that remains is to make next Pogamut release, which will be in Septemer - at least we hope. :-)
  • Pogamut port to DEFCON game(external link) is almost completed as well.

This makes five virtual environments available for development of IVAs or regular agents in Pogamut (don't forget about UT2004 and UnrealRuntime2). Stay tuned for the next quarterly report and new Pogamut release!


Published by michal.bida on Mon 30 of Aug., 2010
The third BotPrize(external link) competition held in Denmark at the CIG 2010 conference is now decided (VIEW RESULTS(external link)). We would like to congratulate the winners and we are looking forward to the next year round!

The Pogamut team
Published by michal.bida on Mon 31 of May, 2010

We have a great news - we have ported GameBots to UnrealEngine 3 - we have created GameBotsUDK that work in UDK (Unreal Development Kit). UDK is a free version of UnrealEngine 3 that features a bot deathmatch game type and two maps. Also, it can be easily extended as development tools are present as well.

GameBotsUDK are now in beta stage. Movement commands and exporting information about environment works. However, there is still some debugging and features adding to do. GameBotsUDK can be used with Pogamut 3.

To install the GameBotsUDK:
  1. Download UDK from UDK site(external link)
  2. Extract the GameBotsUDK zip file(external link) to UDK\UDK-2010-05 directory. (Its important that both GameBots sources and ini file gets extracted to correct folders!)
  3. Then go to UDK\UDK-2010-05\UDKGame\Config]UDKEngine.ini, find there EdirPackages and add at the end line "EditPackages=GameBotsUDK" (without quotes)
  4. Go to UDK\UDK-2010-05\Binaries\ and run "udk make" from command line to complie GameBotsUDK
  5. start the server by typing from command line "udk server DM-Deck?game=GameBotsUDK.BotDeathMatch"
  6. you can connect the bot to port 3000 now (through Pogamut, telnet, whatever)

Latest version of GameBotsUDK can be obtained from our svn repository here: GameBotsUDK in svn(external link)

Published by michal.bida on Thu 20 of May, 2010

Version 3.0.11 is out fixing many issues. Grab it here: Pogamut 3 (UT2004 only) v3.0.11(external link)! We have added one more example project - hunter bot and debugged the other examples and modules. What was fixed:
    • Example projects fixed (RayCastingBot and ResponsiveBot)
    • Various fixes in AgentInfo and Game module
    • UTAstar fixed
    • Hunter example bot added to Pogamut example projects
    • Minor bug in Pogamut 3D Map fixed (some issues still remain)
    • GameBots JMX attribute bug fixed
    • GameBots item Id bug fixed

Pogamut NetBeans UT2004 services servers still sometimes have issues reconnecting to map or being up-to-date with information on the map. If such issue occur, just remove the server from NetBeans and add it again.

Published by michal.bida on Thu 20 of May, 2010
New version out with more bug fixing:
  • SPOSH example fixed
  • SPOSH template project improved
  • UT2004Behavior improved (methods such as botInitialized, botSpawned are now present in UT2004Behavior and are recalled automatically)

Grab it here: Pogamut 3 (UT2004 only) v3.0.10(external link)!


PS. From version 3.0.9 GameBots are using slightly different handshake (all handshake messages are wrapped by messages SHS - handshake start nad EHS - handshake end). This means you need to upgrade both - GameBots and Pogamut3 client (do not forget to check both in the installer).
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