Editor for POSH/ADOBE/BHTs?

Sometimes when I am looking at the Pogamut websites i get switched between version 2 and 3.. So trying to figure out which Behavior tree editor I should or could be looking at (wanting to find source code) I'd like to continue development to encompass its current languages and new languages we've been developing for our project @ http://code.google.com/p/opensim4opencog/ Basically we've extended basic Behaviour tree language for Game AIs with several new tags to make it easier to design game bots with more common societal goals like the ability to socialize and learn. Also interested in what Pogamut overall would like to do with such a bot editor.. Host in Eclipse, Standalone RCP, Netbeans,? Most of my team wants me to do our RoboKind/Cogbot editor in Netbeans IDE.. But I love the look and feel of eclipse personally so actualyl I've decided to not decide.. See what you have.. and decide if my Cogbot team will collab with Pogamut on. Which ones do you want further developed?

What editors have you had in the past and in present?
Hi! Sort of highly abstract question :-) OpenSimulator looks sweet, your project as well...

If you're considering NetBeans vs Eclipse, afaik Eclipse > NetBeans almost in every feature. Actually what I hates the most about NetBeans is their slow Console implementation (try to log 100 messages via System.out per second and log times ... do the same inside Eclipse). So even though we're stuck in NetBeans right now, due to historical reason, I would go with Eclipse if we could do fresh start.

I have experiences with Abode, our POSH GUI editor (NetBeans), CryEngine BT / FlowGraph editor (custom platform). Regarding BTs, currently I think you should put some interpreted (scripting) language between BT and agent native language (e.g. C++, Java), what you truly want to achieve is to have option not to restart (stop/recompile/start again) your agent throughout your AI development. Plus you need to have a way to breakpoint your agent on the level of sensor/actions/BT and have that synchronized with the pause of the environment as well.

Ok, the way adobe-star feel it seems fine.. and can probably work on hosting it in either netbeans or eclipse later with a commitment.
Oh big deal (and not such a big deal) I realize I 'll be including more language in the POSH language format ..
Basically the ability to put Behavior trees (S-Expressions of course!) in the format of the files being saved ( .lad )

The run or test button on this new editor we are specing out here ..
Inside elements where code goes.. I have been assuming that any Language jython, BeanShell, ABCL-Lisp .. (Insert and JVM hosted interpretable language)
Will need to when they run (lets say for instance we had a Java Gameserver that the bots where physically running on..
When it becomes time for that code to be ran it I suppose is going to have to call some predefined API for
has the person in the editor decided my src-text is now different?

What you made me aware of is how important _early_on_ is the ability to either suspend the world or at least suspend the acting agent to allow it to have you edit source code or inspect it jython or ABCL stack. Which then again gives rise to why hosting i an existing IDE sounds so good.


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