bot for Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

Please make a bot on game Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, it initially was mod for UT 2004 , then became separate game http://store.steampowered.com/app/1200/

Because standard bots a sediment. In this game unlike UT2004 it is possible to accept a prone position, to look out because of corners. At the heart of game it is command interactions of machine gunners, snipers, shooters, also there are huge tank map about 2х2 km.
At the heart of game capture and deduction of certain positions. For each map there is a set of tactical decisions. It is possible to take a good position with a machine gun of MG 42 and to cut infantry of the opponent, there are fragmental and smoke grenades, anti-tank guns. My favourite game in steam played for last year 200 hours.
for a start it is possible to make bots for small DM map on pistols. As forgot to tell that in game there are no cross-hairs of a sight and it is necessary to aim as in reality

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately we're not just making bots bot rather allowing people from Java world to code bots for UT2004 / UE2 / UDK / DefCon. It would take a lot of efforts to adapt Red Orchestra and I'm not sure we currently have this time.

But I will try to submit a proposition for a Pogamut-based project, may be somebody from our faculty will pick it up.

There are any news?
I can test any alpha version, played 350 hours in Steam in Red Orchestra Ostfront.
game still plays enough players, 3 servers in the evening in ro and 3 in darkest hour (mod for ro)

Red Orchestra is still much better also more hardcore than ro2. Many big maps as Berezina
is a lot of high-quality users maps.

More than thousand maps form site http://www.red.orchestra.pl/archiwum/plug.php?e=maps


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