Navigation crashes in UT2004 examples

HunterBot and NavigationBot crash in the first few seconds after launch after an error from UT2004PathExecutor. Do only I have that error? I'm using version 3.5.1.

Can you post complete LOG OUTPUT of the HunterBot so we can inspect what's wrong?

Do you have UT2004 dedicated server with GameBots2004 mod running?


Looks extremely fishy :-/

By analyzing the log, I can tell:

1) Yylex warnings
=> bots are unable to parse several attributes from GameBotsUT2004 messages
-- sound like OLDer version of Pogamut is used against your version of GameBotsUT2004
-- such problem is not fatal ... does not explain those failures

2) FatalError happens in navigation
-- Location.getDistance() error (probably NPE)
-- UT2004BasicTimeoutEstimator.getTimeout() ... points to Location.getDistance() as well

3) exception stack traces always mention UT2004AStarPathFuture
=> your bot is using UT2004AStarPlanner ... UT2004 internal mechanism for obtaining path
=> that means your running TRULY OLD bot with GameBotsUT2004 ... you should be using FloydWarshalMap instead (Java internal path-finding class)
-- all our bot templates are using FloydWarshalMap

=> I think that you have somehow materialized older archetype using older version of Pogamut.

=> Can you zip the project folder and publish it so I can verify it?

Here's the project: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wdt7jfbn6br3o5f/hunterbot.zip

Actually I've noticed that the HunterBot example is using pogamut-base-3.2.0 and was going to ask you if it's safe to change the dependency to pogamut-base-3.4.0, because it contains a few utils I really liked in the UT3 archetype.

Anyway I've been reinstalling and switching between the UT2004 and UT3 versions a few times, using the uninstaller then removing the folder. Perhaps some archetypes remained in my local maven repo, but they all came from version 3.5.1 so should be up to date. No older version of Pogamut has been installed on this machine.

I've also saved my "clean and build" output just in case: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rmsoscxaossc5ij/HunterBotBuildOutput.txt
Yes, as I have anticipated, you have very old archetype materialized, offending line "pathExecutor.followPath(pathPlanner.computePath(bot, enemy));"

Just materialize version 3.5.1 of the archetype and HunterBot should work ok.

Alright, it works now. Seems like for some reason the NetBeans plugin sometimes defaults the version to 3.2.0 (sometimes it magically inserts 3.5.1 in the creator).

By the way, the Hunter seems to be a bit buggy, it gets stuck on persistent weapon pickups and in general spawned pickups that aren't pickable :-)
By the way, sorry for my late replies, I always have to try a few times before I post one without an error and often leave before I succeed :-(


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