Multiple Native Bots being treated as one bot

I am using the addon to run multiple experiments. This is working great for me now except for one thing. I am adding 3 Native Bots and my own bot (from a jar). However, all of the Native Bot stats are being grouped together. So if one Native Bots kills another it is being treated as a suicide. And the game ends when an accumulation of all the Native Bot kills reaches the limit. I have given them all separate bot IDs and I even tried giving them different team names but this didn't help. I was wondering if the code is set up to only deal with one Native bot being added to the game or if I am missing something small. The games are running fine and repeating as needed but all the Native Bots stats are just being treated as if it was one bot. Any ideas on what I should do?

That is weird.. I just tested ADDBOT command and the bots in game have indeed DIFFERENT IDS..

- PLR {Id CTF-1on1-Joust.GBxBot20} {Name Kraagesh} {Team 0} {Location -849.59,10965.23,-3193.03} {Rotation 65535,64,7} {Velocity 431.60,-85.58,0.00} {Weapon XWeapons.Translauncher}
- PLR {Id CTF-1on1-Joust.GBxBot19} {Name Othello} {Team 0} {Location -1197.25,11058.04,-3202.38} {Rotation 65535,65491,65535} {Velocity 0.00,0.00,0.00} {Weapon XWeapons.RocketLauncher}
- PLR {Id CTF-1on1-Joust.GBxBot18} {Name Karag} {Team 0} {Location -1393.32,11109.45,-3198.10} {Rotation 3084,32075,171} {Velocity -85.70,-431.57,0.00} {Weapon XWeapons.RocketLauncher}

What addon exactly are you using? What Pogamut class/ example/ methods?
Suspiscious indeed! Thanks for reporting, there might be a problem as we do not use native bots that often.

I'm going to check the code.

Best, Jimmy
I'm using an edited version of the 05-deathmatch-1-v-1 example.
In it, I add 3 native bots as follows:


UT2004NativeBotConfig nativeBotConfig, nativeBotConfig2, nativeBotConfig3;

nativeBotConfig = new UT2004NativeBotConfig();
nativeBotConfig2 = new UT2004NativeBotConfig();
nativeBotConfig3 = new UT2004NativeBotConfig();





return matchConfig;


The matches are successfully being created and run in a repeater but the stats for the native bots are being treated as a single bot.
I originally thought it might be something to do with the team number but having different ones doesn't change anything either.
Maybe the code is only set up to observe all native bots as a single instance?

I'm sorry I still have not found time to look into the issue, I hope to do it today's evening.

Hello Again,

Did you ever get around to looking into this issue? The repeated automation of the experiments is working great but this is still a minor problem for me.



I've checked the code (dry, no running) and have found anything suspicious. I'm sorry not to report that,
I'll try to return it someday again and test it more thoroughly.

I'll try to ask Michal Bida as well, whether he had some time :-(

Jakub, just a question. You are using Observer connection to collect stats for native bots as well? I am asking only because observing connection for native bots IS NOT implemented in GameBots2004... :-) Could this be the reason of suspicious behavior?
No, I'm not using observer connections. I'm aware it's not working for them :-)

Might be part of mischief, as the statistics is bypassing observer connection and is done separately out of PLR messages received by ControlServer.
Some statistics are not available for NativeBots for sure, but I forgot which exactly.

You mean PLS (PlayerScore) messages, right? In PLR there is no information about score.

BTW: Could there be a problem that PlayerScore object has the same Id as the Player object?
Ok, so PlayerScore is an event and the messages are arriving "all right" - tested right now in Pogamut.

Which Pogamut version are you using? Try 3.5.1 and 3.5.2-SNAPSHOT ...


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