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I checked the gamebots.ini to see some details about the setup and i didn't notice anything about invasion, assault or onslaught. Is there any problem with those gamemodes?
Did i ask anything stupid???? If yes, take into consideration that im new to Pogamut.

I'm very sorry, your last message must have been covered by other emails in my mailbox ... I totally forgot to answer :-(

Yes you're right, we're currently not supporting invasion, assault nor onslaught.

There is some problem "navigating" vehicles and you cannot steer redeemer rocket.
But if you are **seriously** interested, we can add some support for these game modes.
You will have to create own "navigation" code for vehicles in Java as we provide UT2004Navigation
only for humanoid players.

Currently we are supporting DeathMatch, CTF, DoubleDomination and largely untested Bombing run.

The problems:
- with Onslaught - vehicles - we were not able to create low level control for them for bots so far (e.g. drive 50 meters front etc) - its probably solvable, but requires extensive study of UnrealScript code. Also Onslaught maps are quite large - that means more items, more nav points, more ray casts and worse GameBots performance. I doubt we would able to run onslaught maps with much more than 8 bots, which is quite low for some of those maps.
- with Invasion - hundreds of enemies - GameBots are limited with the amount of information they can export. I seriously doubt it would be able to export visibility information for 200 enemies even for one bot and in invasion the number of enemies scale quite fast.
- with Assault - Assault features very special mechanic - we would need to create some extra messages and commands for this type of game. It is possible but some work to do.

Currently we are not planning to do this, although all of this would be possible. The thing is that even now we do not have cutting edge AI even for CTF or Double Domination - when we have it it would be logical to move to other domains.

Thank you, Bida. Now i can tell my colleges the real reason.


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