Immortal bot in Pogamut 3.0.5

While testing my bot I was awed when I could not kill him (in the game).. I considered this to be a weird bug in my code, but then I found out that the same problem appears when starting NavigationBot from Examples. However, the Empty Bot and Emotional Bot die "properly" when being shot. Any idea?

(This could be a bug report but I am not sure yet about the cause.)


This should have been resolved in the next version (I'm going to pull it out tonight). There was a bug inside GameBots2004 when using raycasting and auto-draw option that was making bot invulnerable. It happens whenever the NavigationBot starts to use raycasting (green rays coming out of the bot).


As Jakub said, it will be resolved, alternatively you can disable this invulnerability with commad:

getAct().act(new Configuration().setDrawTraceLines(false));

Thanks. I do not use the auto-draw options anyway, so the disabling did what I wanted.



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