This page is dedicated to lectures UDK Game Development held at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague in winter semester 2012/2013.

Basic info about how to start developing in UDK can be found here: UDK Development Tutorial.

You can contact me with any questions at michal [dot] bida [at] gmail [dot] com. Subject: UDK Game Development.

Lecture 3 (14.12.2012)

Custom model and animations in UDK. Micro Slides from the lecture.

Lecture 2 (29.11.2012)

UnrealScript overview and some basic examples. Slides from the lecture.


Today, we've gone through:

  • UDK states basics
  • How to create and run own game
  • What is HUD and how to draw on it
  • How to create basic game mechanics in UDK (PacMan cubes)

Lecture 1 (2.11.2012)

UDK introduction and some basic examples. Slides from the lecture.


Today, we've gone through:

  • How to create basic map with switchable light (triggers)
  • How to import custom texture, create a material and apply this to the map (content browser)
  • How to create basic movable object with Matinee (see )
  • Feel free to browse through Examples-UDK-Lecture you get here: Notice package copy_to_UDK-2012-07\UDKGame\Content\SpyVsSpy.upk with some basic assets and StaticMeshes.


  1. Install UDK 2012 July (UDK-2012-07) on your PC/laptop
  2. Compile and run example mod on your laptop
    1. Copy/overwrite everything from to your UDK-2012-07 folder
    2. Run udkMake.bat (with UDK and UnrealEd turned off)
    3. Run startExampleServer.bat and wait for the server to finish initialization
    4. Run startUDKClient.bat - use ALT + H to show HUD help and ALT + C to spawn/hide Pacman cubes
  3. Bonus: Install Visual Studio with nFringe (UDK Development Tutorial).


Creation of this course was partially supported by the project Integration of IT Tools into Education of Humanities, which is financed by the European Social Fund, the state budget of the Czech Republic, and by the budget of Municipal House Prague.

Inovace kurzu v letech 2011/2 a 2012/3 byly podpořeny projektem CZ.2.17/3.1.00/33274 financovaným Evropským sociálním fondem a rozpočtem hlavního města Prahy.

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