The items in UT2004 falls into three categories concerning their respawn times:

  • 82s (~3 x 27.5s) - It is really 82 seconds (because the exact time is actually 3 x 27.27s getting rounded down, but in other examples it will get rounded up).
    • Damage Amplifier (UDamagePack class) - item that doubles your weapon damage
  • 55s (2 x 27.5s)
    • 100 Armor (SuperShieldPack class)
    • 100 health (SuperHealthPack class)
  • 27.5s (1 x 27.5s)
    • 50 Armor (ShieldPack class)
    • Adrenaline (AdrenalinePickup class)
    • Ammunition (AmmoPickup classes)
    • Health (HealthPack and MiniHealthPack classes)
    • Weapons (Weapon pickup classes)

More (gamer) info about UT2004 timing here UT: The power of timing.

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