UDK on Linux

As you might have noted, UDK is not officially supported for Linux. However, the guys from Wine did a great job and with the latest version I managed to get UDK January 2012 Beta (not any earlier version!!) working. As of now I am able to run UDK server and succesfully connect to it with a bot, fully on Linux. Running the game itself does not work well and if it runs, it is very unstable.


It is not that hard a can be done in about 15 minutes (unless you need to compile Wine from sources, which lasts a little longer)

  • Get Wine version 1.4 or later
  • Get the latest development branch of Winetricks.
  • Create a fresh Wineprefix.
  • Use Winetricks to install .NET 4.0: ./winetricks dotnet40
    • Some useful info might be found at Wine App database
    • You might be asked to download file called gacutils.zip
    • Note that (as written in the winetricks output) the installer fails, but that is not a problem
  • Use Winetricks to install DirectX 9: ./winetricks directx9
  • Run the UDK installer using Wine

Use only Binaries/Win32/UDK.com to run UDK! (otherwise you will not get any console output that could help you debug)

Usage for experiments

Class UCCWrapper in the PogamutUDK project was modified so that it can run UDK on Linux with above mentioned setup.

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