Don't want to wait for a new installer when we fix some bugs in Pogamut? Or do you want to edit Pogamut code yourself? You may use Pogamut SVN version for your bot!

Pogamut UT2004

To develop your own version of Pogamut UT2004 project, that is responsible for controlling bots in UT2004. You need to checkout following project:

  • PogamutCore located in svn://

However, since we moved to Maven, you now need to set your Maven bot project in a way it will use your local artifact for PogamutUT2004 project. Alternatively, you can write the code of your bot inside PogamutUT2004 project directly, although this is not recommended. For normal Pogamut use, follow instructions at

Pogamut UDK

Instead of

  • PogamutUT2004

checkout and add to your project

  • PogamutUDK located in svn://
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