Sometimes a violent game is not the setting your are looking for when you are creating your virtual agent. Luckily for you, there are two ways how to develop peaceful agents with Pogamut3. First is to use UnrealEngine2 Runtime instead of UT2004 second is to adapt UT2004 through settings and mutators. We will cover them both.

UnrealEngine2 Runtime

Unreal Engine 2 Runtime Demo is a free (for non-commercial and educational purposes) version of engine used to create the game Unreal Tournament 2004. Basically it is the game stripped off all the game content. You can still develop a mods in UnrealScript, but you cannot use any game content available in Unreal Tournament 2004.

More information about Unreal Engine 2 Runtime Demo can be found here: UnrealEngine2Runtime.

We have created GameBotsUE2 that allows Pogamut3 to connect to servers hosted in UnrealEngine 2 Runtime. We have also added a non-violent game content that can be installed by an installer on Pogamut3 download page.


This guidelines is containing information about 'how to adapt UT2004 to look more peaceful'.

How to get rid of the health-status, armor-status, etc. (graphics around the screen)

This one is really easy. In UT2004 go to Settings → sheet HUD → check the Hide HUD checkbox.

And that's it!

How to get rid of the hand holding the weapon in the first person view

If you are interested to hide only the hand with weapon from the first person view, go to Settings → Player → Weapon hand - set to hidden. Note that won't remove the weapon from the hand of your agents nor other agents.

How to get rid of the weapons in the hands of agents

Step 1 download Kaboom mutator webpage Kaboom mutator
Step 2 install the mutatorUnzip the contents of the 7z archive into …/UT2004/System folder, if you do not have 7-zip program, download it from this 7-zip webpage
Step 3 use the mutator launch UT2004, click on the Host game, select game-type and map and then go to the Mutators sheet and add mutator named 'Kaboom' into the list. Then click on the 'Configure mutators' and uncheck all checkboxes.
Step 4 start the game notice that all weapons and ammos disappeared, all what has left is a crosshair.

That will take out weapons from the hands of your agents thus they can't even shoot anymore.

How to get rid of crosshair along with any status informations around

You may do this from the UT-console. When in the game, press '~' to open the console. Type command togglescreenshotmode and press enter.

How to get rid of items in maps

Step 1 download NoMut mutatorwebpage NoMut mutator
Step 2 install NoMut mutatorjust copy the items from the into UT2004 folder
Step 3 configure the mutator via UT2004.inidownload nomut.ini and append this file to UT2004/System/UT2004.ini file, it contains a list of items that should be removed from the map
Step 4 use the mutatorbefore starting the map from UT2004 gui go to the mutator sheet and select NoMut mutator

And that's it! Note that you may find additional information at NoMut mutator webpage about how to configure it (via UT2004.ini file).

3rd person view in multiplayer game

The question is - how to play from 3D person view in multiplayer game in UT2004?

Do you know better tricks?

Do not hesitate to mail us to pogamut [at] artemis [dot] ms [dot] mff [dot] cuni [dot] cz ! If the trick is good, we will definetly add it here ;-)

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