Are you sure? Is this for real?

Well then - thanks for your enthusiasm!

What is the basic development that can be done?

There are a few things you could do to help the platform in this millenium.

  • connect new decision making system and create another plugin for NetBeans adding another type of Pogamut project to the NB (things like SOAR, JAM, etc.)
  • debug and optimize the GameBots2004 code - current state is not perfect as the UT2004 spends a lot of time exporting informations about what the bot sees / hears
  • work on the new Grid project that will allow the user to run many computers with the GameBots2004 and perform many experiments at once using one “entry point” (e.g. grid manager)

Who to contact?

You may write to pogamut [at] artemis [dot] ms [dot] mff [dot] cuni [dot] cz present yourself, what experiences you do have and what you would like to do. Or just ask any questions :-) we will be more than glad to reply!

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