Doors and other movers

This is a tutorial on using doors and movers. It applies to Pogamut 3.2.4 in association with UDK (as of Beta 2011-05). However most of it's contents should apply in future versions as well. It was written by Martin Cerny.

Creating doors

First - check out info about doors and movers and InterpActors at UDN: In the time of writing, there is only an example with elevator, but it demonstrates the basic concepts of Matinee and InterpActor very well. So you create an InterpActor from a static mesh and then prepare the Matinee animation of the door opening. Now it's time to plug it correctly in kismet, so that it responds not to player stepping on it but to some other actions. This page: contains everything you need to know.

Doors and pathfinding

At the time of writing (Pogamut 3.2.4), Pogamut is unable to plan with navigation mesh (which should handle doors automagically), and needs to use navigation points for this task. In UT2004 there was a special kind of navigation point called “DoorMarker”. It IS possible to import such object to UDK editor from T3D (see T3D generator) but I was unable to find a way to create new DoorMarker in the editor. Moreover I was not able to get pathfinding work correctly with it. I solved the problem by setting “Path Colliding” under “Collision” to false for the door's InterpActor. Now the bot navigates as though the door would not exist, but I used an external mechanism to keep track of open and closed doors and thus avoided the bot bumping into closed door.

Getting info about doors in a level

There is no general way to do this, but it's possible to achieve for a specific project. TODO - EXAMPLE

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