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Name: Procedural generation of RPG maps
You will learn: CSP/Planning, probably Java, game design
Difficulty: medium
Excitement: Create a system that can design dungeons, villages, towns, cities, even kingdoms!
Description: This is actually a "multi-topic" theme that can be shaped in various directions. The aim of such thesis is to create a system that can generate 3D maps for some game.

The topic is quite saturated, however I am not aware of any system that would combine everything moreover it is hard to compare different systems together as people are just describing the algorithm and some results. Thus it is unknown if those systems are compatible and, which are actually good..

For ideas on procedural content generation, check this online book out.

Some info to start with:

Directions you may explore:

  1. Find a PG niche (motivation: do something new), this can have more flavours:
    • PG something new
    • PG something an algorithm exists for but do it better / faster
    • Pick a PG theme and compare multiple algorithms together
  2. Integrate multiple works together (motivation: we have N ingredients, do they blend together well?)

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