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 +======What is this about?​======
 +This page is the description of the Subprojects part of the web. Subprojects were created because of the need to track things that are going to extend the Pogamut platform or somehow is related to it (using the platform).
 +======Main idea======
 +Main idea of the category is to provide space for anybody who wants to extend the Pogamut platform or is working on the project that is using the Pogamut. You may create the page describing your projects it's goals and means, etc. It may even serve you to track the course of your work - well it's the wiki-page after all.
 +The projects are divided according to the nature of the project and it's state.
 +  * Pogamut extensions - projects that are somehow extending the Pogamut and the plugin
 +  * Research - projects that are using the Pogamut for the research
 +  * proposed
 +  * ongoing
 +  * finished
 +  * suspended
 +======How to create a project======
 +Creating the new project is a matter of registration + editing the subproject. Simply add new project to the [[subprojects]] as a new wiki-page to the category //​proposed//​. Then just fill this new wiki-page with interesting informations such as:
 +  * why do you want to work on this project
 +  * what the goals are
 +  * how are you going to do it
 +  * whether you seeking somebody to help you with it
 +And that's it ... well may be add [[http://​diana.ms.mff.cuni.cz/​main/​tiki-view_blog.php?​blogId=1|RSS news]].
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