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Name: GameBots for UnrealEngine4
You will learn: C++, UnrealEngine, UE4 Blueprints
Difficulty: moderate (master), challenging (bachelor)
Excitement: Bring a new world of UE4 to the Pogamut platform - update the framework that is used worldwide!
Description: The platform main environment is built on (now outdated) Unreal Tournament 2004. With the launch of UnrealEngine4, which is now free for EDU, we would like to move on. UE4 features Unreal Tournament implementation as well and you can start modding it immediately. The goal of this work would be to reimplement GameBots2004 for the new engine, i.e., create GameBots4. If we succeed in mimicking the protocol of GameBots2004 we will immediately be able to run all Pogamut bots for UT2004 within new environment. For Bachelor, this port would be sufficient. For Master, you will have to do some refactoring of PogamutUT2004 code as well (we can support you a lot).

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