Chapter 4. Setup Pogamut with Eclipse

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Setting up Pogamut with Eclipse IDE

Setting up Pogamut with Eclipse IDE

This section shows you how to set up Pogamut 3 with Eclipse IDE. It covers all the steps from Eclipse installation to launching a Pogamut bot within Eclipse. All credits go to Clement Liew.

Step 1. Install Eclipse 3.6, 3.7 or newer.

Step 2. Install Subclipse plugin.

  • See Subclipse Download and Install web page

  • Copy to clipboard correct update site, e.g.

  • Startup Eclipse, go to Menu->Help->Install New Software

  • Click on Add button on the right-upper side of the dialog

  • Add new update site (name it Subclipse and provide link from the clipboard from the Subclipse site)

  • List your new site from the combobox

  • Install Subclipse plugins

Step 3. Install M2Eclipse plugin (this step is not required as of Eclipse 3.7.2 version that has M2E bundled, applies if you're using IDE for Java Developers version of Eclipse)

Step 4. Now it is advised to use Tortoise SVN (or some other SVN client) to checkout desired Pogamut project from the SVN

Step 5. In Eclipse, right-click empty space in Package explorer window (usually located on the left upper side of Eclipse), click Import, choose Existing Maven Project and browse for folder where you have checked out the Pogamut SVN

  • Eclipse should load all Maven projects into the list and you may select which one you want to import

Step 6. Alternatively, you may specify new remote catalog of archetypes via Eclipse->Window->Preferences->Maven->Archetypes

Step 7. An illustrated guide to running an example bot

  • Assuming successful installation of Pogamut for NetBeans previously, head to the following (or respective) directory and run DM Server, may need to run as admin

  • Server up and running

  • Run

  • Open UT2004->Join Game->Lan