Pogamut Quarterly Report 02/2011

michal.bida Monday 01 of August, 2011
The last Pogamut release is Pogamut 3.2.4.

In 3.2.4 we already have:
  • Added new CTF bot example (check our Amis Artifactory).
  • Added example projects also to PogamutUDK
  • Moved to May UDK version
  • Added module UT2004Navigation that wraps the interface to pathExecutor in a more user friendly way (now it is possible to call repeatedly .navigate method from logic)

Just to remind you:

  • UT2004Tournament project implemented that allows you to easily conduct death matches / tournament
    • It automatically provide statistics about all bots from the tournament (except native bots)
  • StoryFactory project is now at version 2.0 - it is a simple tool for scripting stories in Unreal Engine 2. More info: Emohawk homepage

We are working on:
  • we're are finishing the work on Team of bots support. It will provide a possibility to have bots with shared worldviews which you could use for inter-agent communication using your own custom messages.
  • we are working on Pogamut Maven archetypes/NetBeans plugin support - this will add our example projects once more to NetBeans "New Project" menu (this feature is currently broken, but it can be easily bypassed thanks to Maven)
  • work on debugger for SPOSH plans continues
  • Emohawk interactive game built on Pogamut (first version available here)
  • New set of tutorials covering first steps with Maven

Do you have a project built on top of the Pogamut platform? If yes and you want it to be mentioned in the next release of "Pogamut quarterly" or have a link from the Pogamut homepage, then let us know!

All the best,
The Pogamut Team

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