Pogamut Quarterly Report 01/2011

michal.bida Wednesday 23 of March, 2011
We have release Pogamut 3.2.0 that has been fully mavenized. Maven is a tool that simplifies the build process of the project by clearly defining project dependencies. Read more about it at maven homepage.

Apart from Mavenization we're bringing many more new features as well!
  • Many improvements to Agent modules - they are now more stable again ;-)
  • New WeaponPrefs module introduced that allows you to easily manage preferences for weapon you bot should use with respect to the distance to target
  • New ImprovedShooting module using WeaponPrefs to automatically change weapons for you
  • KefikRunner now may be used instead of LoqueRunner for PathExecutor - it is also greatly documented, thus it makes perfect starting point for experiments with navigation
  • AgentStats module implemented that can be enabled to provide logging of interesting statistics about your bot (exported in CSV format that may be easily handled by R software!)
  • UT2004Tournament project implemented that allows you to easily conduct death matches / tournament
    • It automatically provide statistics about all bots from the tournament (except native bots)
  • StoryFactory project is now at version 1.2 - it is a simple tool for scripting stories in Unreal Engine 2. More info: Emohawk homepage

We are working on:
  • we're are finishing the work on Team of bots support. It will provide a possibility to have bots with shared worldviews which you could use for inter-agent communication using your own custom messages.
  • we are working on Pogamut Maven archetypes/NetBeans plugin support - this will add our example projects once more to NetBeans "New Project" menu (this feature is currently broken, but it can be easily bypassed thanks to Maven)
  • work on debugger for SPOSH plans continues
  • Emohawk interactive game built on Pogamut (first version available here)
  • New set of tutorials covering first steps with Maven

Do you have a project built on top of the Pogamut platform? If yes and you want it to be mentioned in the next release of "Pogamut quarterly" or have a link from the Pogamut homepage, then let us know!

All the best,
The Pogamut Team

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