Pogamut Quarterly Report 03/2010

michal.bida Monday 18 of October, 2010
We have been working hard on Pogamut 3.1 and we have first release candidate that is in a beta stage: consult news here!

What you will find in this Pogamut 3.1 beta?
  • Pogamut has been ported to Unreal Development Kit (UDK)!!! UDK is a set of tools build around the latest Unreal engine and the best thing is that it is free for non-commercial purposes. So UDK+Pogamut=free platform for bot development education/research. The main Pogamut installer now contains Pogamut API for UDK and also new version of Netbeans plugin that makes it possible to manage UDK servers, template projects for UDK bots are also included. Besides Pogamut installer you will also need to download UDK with GameBots installer!

  • A new IPathExecutor – after using the current implementation for a while, we came up with some enhancements - we have based our path finding code on LoqueBot that won BotPrize in 2008! Bots are now running 100% better. Consult the navigation bot tutorial concerning the changes.

  • PogamutDEFCON – an interface for the DEFCON game build on top of the Gavialib! (tutorial coming soon).

  • Timeline feature in Netbeans plugin has been fully debugged and there is a new tutorial showing how to work with this advanced log visualization. This feature is great for visualizing various decisions of the bot's logic.

  • UT2004MapsGenerator (tutorial + download) is a tool for easy and fast generating of sample maps with possibility of random adjustment of various parameters. The purpose of this tool is to create an environment for benchmarking the bots in UT2004. E.g. the goal is to create a most effective "lava map" bot (one of the types of the map that can be generated). Users will submit their bots, several lava maps will be generated, bots performances will be evaluated on these maps and the winner takes it all. :-)

  • Pogamut C# integration - we have made experimental bridge to the C# language, this means that bots can be coded also in C# but we cannot guarantee support for this feature in the future. For more information read the proxy manual and How to write a bot document.

  • ALMA tutorial was refactored and is again included in the installer (tutorial here). ALMA is an emotion model based on OCC theory providing bots with emotions. This tutorial shows how to build a Pogamut bot equiped with these emotions.

  • PojACT-R – an integration with the jACT-R library, which implements ACT-R. We have refactored our cognitive architecture PojACT-R (which was finished about a year ago). We have example bots tested and running and they are part of the installer!

We are working on:
  • Resolving issues with new NetBeans and Pogamut installer.
  • Debugger for SPOSH plans.
  • There is a pre-alpha version of our Finite State Machine Visual Editor, which might one day be an alternative to the SPOSH editor.

Do you have a project built on top of the Pogamut platform? If true and you want it to be mentioned in the next release of "Pogamut quarterly" or have a link from the Pogamut homepage, then let us know! :-)

Please refer to this paper when citing the Pogamut in an academic publication:

Gemrot, J., Kadlec, R., Bida, M., Burkert, O., Pibil, R., Havlicek, J., Zemcak, L., Simlovic, J., Vansa, R., Stolba, M., Plch, T., Brom C.: Pogamut 3 Can Assist Developers in Building AI (Not Only) for Their Videogame Agents. In: Agents for Games and Simulations, LNCS 5920, Springer, 2009, pp. 1-15.

Thank You!

All the best,
The Pogamut Team

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