Starting the GameBots server

There are two ways how to start the GameBots server. We can start a dedicated server through a command line or to start GameBots server through UT04 GUI. The UT04 dedicated server may be downloaded and used for free. Also it is a part of the UT04 game.

To start GameBots dedicated server through command line:

This will start dedicated server with GameBots DeathMatch game type on. The map used will be DM-TrainingDay.

To start GameBots server through UT04 GUI:

Optional. When running the server through command line you may add GameBots mutators by adding parameters to command line command:

..\UT2004\System\ucc server DM-TrainingDay? game=GameBots2004.BotDeathMatch?mutator=GameBots2004.PathMarkerMutator,GameBots2004.GBHudMutator

When running the server through UT04 GUI you can add GameBots mutator in the mutator tab before you click the listen button.

More about mutators in GameBots debug features chapter.