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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000134    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-12-30Fix IntractionAtHome & restaurant so it behaves as TwoConversation - reacts on spont. actions properly
  0000135    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-12-30The old goals remain on screen in a new game
  00001301   [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorresolved (michal.bida)2013-11-29Add loading window to SimDate3d
  00001321   [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorresolved (michal.bida)2013-11-29Automatic goodbye does not fail other goas automatically
  0000133    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-11-08When girl is at home, she may run away from thomas to garden sometimes
  0000131    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-11-01At cinema Barbara sometimes is not responding due to she is not having conversation goal active
  00000951   [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorresolved (michal.bida)2013-10-19Allow gender switch
  00001291   [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
majorresolved (michal.bida)2013-10-18In restaurant when conversation is started the restaurant goal is not added right away!
  0000128    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
majorassigned (michal.bida)2013-10-18When characters are too far to start conv. use shout!
  0000127    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-10-18Ini files are stored in svn installer folder
  00001061   [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorresolved (michal.bida)2013-10-18Add music to EmoHawk
  00000911   [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorresolved (michal.bida)2013-10-11Small map that shows agent locations and locations in game
  00000891   [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorresolved (michal.bida)2013-10-07Disable actions during cinema and jogging
  00000971   [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorresolved (michal.bida)2013-10-07When I meet a girl and we are both going somewhere it is difficult to start conversation
  00001041   [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorresolved (michal.bida)2013-10-07If I meet a girl in a restuarant, I should automatically propose her to go to restaurant with me
  00001121   [AMIS Projects]
SimDate3D Level 2
featureresolved (michal.bida)2013-09-13Level two action+appraisal redesign
  00000321   [AiSTe]
minorassigned (martin.cerny)2013-09-02Log planning statistics in Planning4JController
  0000126    [AiSTe]
minorassigned (martin.cerny)2013-09-02Create a PDDL direct representation variant that does not enforce action alternation
  00001231   [AiSTe]
minorresolved (martin.cerny)2013-09-02Create CoverGame PDDL representation with direct representation of agent actions
  000007921 [Pogamut 3]
Pogamut yaPOSH
majorassigned (honza.havlicek)2013-08-12When no action is selected in yaPOSH, plan SHOULD NOT be re-evaluated
  0000124 1 [Pogamut 3]
Pogamut yaPOSH
majorassigned (honza.havlicek)2013-08-12NullPointerException when deleting sense that is within the plan
  0000122    [AiSTe]
minorassigned (martin.cerny)2013-08-09Create CoverGame PDDL representation with roles
  0000024    [Planning4J]
Planning API
minorassigned (martin.cerny)2013-08-09Measure domain and problem translation time
  0000035    [AiSTe]
minorresolved (martin.cerny)2013-08-09Experiment suite support
  0000078    [Pogamut 3]
Pogamut yaPOSH
tweakassigned (honza.havlicek)2013-07-17Suggestion - add (sense), (action), (AP) to the lower right corner of senses, actions ... just like old POSH
  0000120    [Pogamut 3]
Pogamut yaPOSH
minorassigned (jakub.gemrot)2013-07-17Check SPOSH engine plan errors with editor functionality
  000007311 [Pogamut 3]
Pogamut yaPOSH
majorresolved (honza.havlicek)2013-06-17Competences are still using slip-stack! This should not be!
  0000107    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (martin.cerny)2013-06-10Choose music for EmoHawk
  0000103    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-06-10Add bonus points for insulting girls :-)
  0000102    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-06-10Redesign UI
  0000101    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-06-10Introduce walk along steering
  0000100    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-06-10Pathfinding glitches
  0000099    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-06-10Increase default movement speed
  0000093    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-06-10Add "Cutscenes" for endings
  0000092    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-06-10Restricted areas for quarrel
  0000090    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-06-10Add "Cutscene" for cinema visit (and possibly others)
  0000088    [Emohawk]
SimDate3D Level 2
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-06-10Display the person I am interacting with
  00000523   [AiSTe]
minorresolved (martin.cerny)2013-06-10Add wepon to SpyVsSpy
  0000040    [AiSTe]
minorresolved (martin.cerny)2013-06-10Create reactive controller for SpyVsSpy
  0000087    [Pogamut 3]
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-06-09FocusActor in replays
  0000086    [Pogamut 3]
Pogamut General
minorassigned (jakub.gemrot)2013-06-05FloydWarshall does not return paths in accord with documentation
  0000085    [AiSTe]
minorassigned (martin.cerny)2013-06-05JSHOP2 representation for Cover Game
  00000252   [AiSTe]
minorresolved (martin.cerny)2013-06-05SpyVsSpy Level generator
  0000082    [Pogamut 3]
minorassigned (michal.bida)2013-05-23Implement NewProtocol handling SELF batches in GameBotsUDK and GameBotsUT3
  0000081    [Pogamut 3]
Pogamut yaPOSH
featureassigned (honza.havlicek)2013-05-23When changes are made to the plan, yaPOSH idicates it by changing the window label to bold and add (*)
  0000058    [Pogamut 3]
Pogamut UT2004
tweakassigned (jakub.gemrot)2013-05-08Method items.isPickable() does not return correct statement
  00000672   [Pogamut 3]
Pogamut yaPOSH
majorresolved (honza.havlicek)2013-05-07UT2004 server not paused when debugging 2+ SPOSH bots
  00000601   [AiSTe]
minorresolved (martin.cerny)2013-05-03Test JSHOP vs PDDL planners on a simple domain
  0000065    [Pogamut 3]
Pogamut UT2004
minorassigned (jakub.gemrot)2013-05-02aStar module should have a method returning PrecomputedPathFuture or IPathFuture
  0000064    [Pogamut 3]
Pogamut UT2004
minorassigned (jakub.gemrot)2013-05-02Method shoot(weaponPrefs, ILocated) in shoot module should be checking whether ILocated is a player or projectile.
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